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    Hire The Best for Canberra Piano Removals

    Want to get your piano moved to a new location safely? Welcome to Canberra Piano Removals, where we do it for a living and take pride in doing the Heavy Lifting of the most delicate items in the world.

    Piano moves are tricky, they need to be executed with surgical precision to prevent damage to these prized possessions. At Canberra Piano Removals we have been specializing in piano and pool table removals in Canberra and other parts of the country for more than 30 years. Whether it is the Upright Piano you gifted your child or the Grand Piano that you inherited as an heirloom, we ensure you complete peace of mind during the move.

    We have executed thousands of moves in the past three decades and have earned the trust of the community. We are the trusted partners for several institutions in Canberra and serve residential clients with equal pride. As a team that is passionate about the job, we know we aren’t moving average household goods but something that has a lot of sentimental value attached to it. Every move is meticulously planned and thoroughly executed.

    Experience Team of Removalists

    We have built the company carefully over the years and hired people with experience in the job. This puts us ahead of other names in this business. Our team handles dozens of moves every month successfully. You don’t need to worry about the complexity of the project as our team would plan it to the minutest detail and execute the job with perfection. We leave nothing to chance and have always taken pride in our high customer satisfaction rate.

    Cost of Canberra Piano Removal

    At Canberra Piano Removals we have built a strong reputation for offering the most affordable piano and pool table removal services. We aren’t the ‘cheapest’ service provider in Canberra but ensure the best value for money. We take utmost care of your piano during the move to prevent any damage during transit. Several factors decide the cost of every removal job, and these include –

    • The size of your piano
    • Number of pianos that require moving
    • Distance between the two locations
    • Accessibility of the two locations

    Get in touch with our team and we shall give you a detailed and all-inclusive quote for the project. We take pride in our integrity and don’t burden our clients with hidden charges.

    Upright Pianos

    Upright Pianos

    Upright Pianos tend to pose a big challenge as these can weigh up to 400kgs. However, you have little to worry about the move as we have a team that handles hundreds of such projects every year. We have the expertise and bring in the required tools to execute the task flawlessly. We take special care to prevent any damage to your piano or property during the move.

    Grand Piano

    Grand Pianos

    Grand pianos have large dimensions, but they can easily be disassembled making the move easier. Our team has expertise in disassembling different parts of your piano carefully before the move and assemble them after the move. Our team also has expertise in tuning pianos to get them back to playing the most melodious notes.

    Reliability & Insurance

    We are a fully insured company, and this protects you against any liability should there be any damage or mishaps during the move. Your pianos are carefully wrapped in protective material to prevent even the slightest scratches and offer you complete peace of mind.

    “We were incredibly relieved when our Grand Piano made it to its new home. It's been in the family for years, and we are very happy with the work put in by Canberra Piano Removals to make sure it was done properly. Would recommend them to anyone." Jess P. (Canberra)


    Why Should I Hire a Canberra Piano Removalist?

    Piano removal is different from normal household removal, and it requires special skills and tools to ensure the safety of your prized item during the move. We have been in this business for more than 30 years and have mastered the skill. We bring the right tools, lifting equipment, and packaging material for your piano.

    Are You Insured?

    At Canberra Piano Removals we are a fully licensed and insured firm, and this protects you against any liability in the event of damage to life and property. We have a proven track record, and our insurance cover provides clients with complete peace of mind during the move.

    What Kind of Vehicle Will You Use to Move My Piano?

    We don’t use ordinary trucks to move pianos but own a fleet of custom-built trucks for the job. These have been customized to ensure the safe transit of the piano during the move. We use hydraulic lifts to make the process hassle-free.

    How Will My Piano be Stored?

    Our warehouse has been specially designed to store pianos. It has full climate control that prevents any damage to your piano from humidity and change in temperature. We offer both short-term and long-term storage options at the best prices you will find in Canberra.

    How Soon Can You Move My Piano?

    We respond to requests and plan out moves at the earliest. However, some factors decide the total turnaround time of the project, and these include the size of the piano, the distance between the two locations, and accessibility factors. We shall provide you with a definitive timeframe when you get in touch with us.

    Why Should I Hire You as Piano Removalist?

    We have a proven track record of more than three decades and have enjoyed the trust of the community. Few piano removalists have been in business in Canberra as long as we have.

    Contact Us Now

    Piano removals are challenging, and they require careful execution. Get in touch with our team and we shall offer you all the details on your Canberra Piano Removal.

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